Dr. Fallon's Ideas on Pet Nutrition

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We have been brainwashed by the pet food industry to feed only commercial pet food and to "find a good brand and stick with it."  This way of thinking  insures that they sell more pet food !   After years of experience and research I believe it is important to feed your pet a variety of food.  My food list includes "people food" and lists a selection of human quality brand pet foods.  A well rounded diet for your pet should include elements of both.  In addition, It is important to rotate between 3 or 4 different human quality brands in order to prevent food sensitivity.  Remember that there is no PERFECT food.  You may have to try several different brands in order to find a few that your pet tolerates well.

Tips for feeding:

*With any new food, always start slowly.  Feed small amounts and try only 1 new food at a time.  For example, if you give your pet some apple, do not try out green beans on the same day.  This way if the new food were to cause a stomach upset,  you would know which food caused the problem.  Gradually increase the amount of "new food" so  you can monitor how well your pet digests it.. For example, with chicken, begin with 1 tsp daily and build up to 4 oz over the next few weeks.

*When rotating between pet food brands follow our Human quality feeding guide to properly switch between brands

I suggest checking out the following websites:

1. Google B.A.R.F. Diets for Dogs and cats. This stands for bones and raw food.  This is quite an involved way of feeding and I don't expect you to follow it completely but there is a lot of different ideas about how to feed your pet.

2. Wysong .Net  Once there, go to the following links:  

   A. Optimal Health Program    

   B. Controversies

3. Also see "What's Really in Pet Food" at http://www.bornfreeusa.org/facts.php?p=359&more=1